Publicity, promotion and retention are the responsibility of all members of Job’s Daughters.  This is very important to the survival of our organization.  As Grand Guardian and Associate Grand Guardian, Guy and I wish to support the efforts of each Daughter and Bethel in maintaining and growing our Order.



Each new initiate will be presented with a Job’s Daughter charm or pin.

Each Daughter who signs a petition will be presented with a pin once the Daughter is initiated and attends two (2) meetings.  If a Daughter signs more than one (1) petition she will receive a term pin once the new member is initiated and attends two (2) meetings.  For each additional petition the Daughter will receive a pair of movie tickets once the new member is initiated and attends two (2) meetings.  Any Daughter who signs five petitions, and the new members are initiated and attend two (2) meetings each, will receive a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) refund for their Grand Session fee for 2018. 

The Daughter who signs the most petitions, with the petitioners being initiated and attending two (2) meetings each, will receive a fifty dollar ($50.00) refund for their Grand Session fee for 2018 and be presented with the Patricia O’Donnell Trophy at the Awards Banquet in Ocean City.  A minimum of three (3) new initiates is needed to qualify.


Each Bethel is encouraged to bring in at least five (5) new members.  Each Bethel that initiates five (5) new members will receive a Pizza Party served by the Grand Guardian and Associate Grand Guardian.

Bethel’s are also encouraged to increase their percentage of members.  Any Bethel which increases in membership by fifty percent (50%) will also receive a Pizza Party.  If a Bethel has already won a pizza party for initiating 5 new members, an alternate prize will be provided. The bethel with the highest percentage increase in membership will receive the Peggy O’Donnell trophy.

Bethel’s will receive a Bethel Membership Streamer to be presented at the Formal Opening in Ocean City.  All Daughters initiated between April 9, 2017 and April 14, 2018 will be included.

1-3 new members White Streamer

4-5 new members Blue Streamer

6-7 new members Purple Streamer

7+ new members Blue and Silver Streamer

The Bethel that initiates the most new members will be presented with the Jennifer Oliver trophy.


Jobies-to-Bee will receive a sash and button to welcome them to the Bethel.


Every activity has prospect potential.  Daughters and Adults are encouraged to invite prospects to all activities.  Remember they can view the opening and closing of meetings to obtain an idea of what happens in the meetings.

To promote membership and retention on a statewide level a Statewide Prospect Party will be held.  All members bringing a new legitimate prospect will be able to attend for free and her prospect also. 

There will be several fun events through the year that will make great opportunities to invite a prospect to attend and get an idea of the fun events we do.

The Promotion Committee will have material, Jobie-to-Bee information and petitions available.


Communication in all forms is vital to the success of all organizations.  All members are encouraged to use these sources to spread the good news of your Bethel and statewide events.


 Bethels are encouraged to publish their own newsletters.  The Boris Tanner Award will be presented to the Bethel with the best newsletter for each 6 month term.  A minimum of three (3) newsletters are required to qualify for this Award.


The ListServ, monitored by a CAV adult, is utilized to promote interaction between Daughters, Bethels and the GGC.  A flyer to subscribe to the ListServ is in the May packet. The ListServ is a good source for discovering what is going on around the state or just asking questions.  Bethels are encouraged to email flyers for their individual Bethel activities for all to see.  Always remember that not everyone is a member of the listserv and that mail and phone calls are still appreciated.


Bethel Web Pages are encouraged as vital links for communication and promotion.  Care should be exercised in keeping each website maintained in accordance with JDI policies and guidelines.  Websites will be inspected by the GGC Webmaster for compliance.  Always remember that Web Sites should be kept current.


The Maryland web page will be maintained for informational and promotional purposes with an updated GGC calendar for easy reference.  Take advantage of this site for keeping informed on what is going on around the state.  Information on Miss Maryland Job’s Daughter, Miss Junior Jobie of Maryland, Miss Maryland Congeniality, the Grand Bethel and the adult leaders can be found on this site.  GGC ways and means items can be found also.  Bethel’s are encouraged to post fliers on fun and fundraising activities.


The Grand Guardian now has a permanent email address which each Grand Guardian can use.  The email address is  Please use this email for all communications with the Grand Guardian.  The box will be reviewed by the Grand Guardian and the Grand Secretary.  If your email is of a personal nature for the Grand Guardian only please direct it to and reference Job’s Daughters in the subject line.


Each Bethel and the Grand Bethel will receive a travel mascot (they will be a surprise).  At each OV and activity, the Bethel will receive a special button.  Bethel’s bringing their travel mascot to the OV, will receive a sweet treat to share.

There will be a Scavenger Hunt each Term.  The Scavenger Hunt will involve collecting items from different events (installations and OVs) and getting signatures as well as answering questions.  Each Bethel can turn in their completed Scavenger Hunt items at Pageant or Grand Session.  The Bethel who gets all of the items from the Scavenger Hunt list will receive a prize.  There will be winners from the Fall and Spring Terms

Willow the traveling Giraffe will be given to a Bethel at Grand Session.  The other Bethels in the state can take Willow to their Bethel for a visit.  In order to take Willow from one Bethel and bring her to your Bethel, the Daughters need to attend another Bethel’s meeting or installation the Bethel with the highest percentage in attendance will take Willow back to their Bethel to visit.  Please post Willows Travels on the Maryland Job’s Daughters Facebook page with the hashtag   #Willowstravels.


Each Bethel will be given the opportunity to earn the Bethel Sprit Award in Maryland and the Supreme Spirit Award.


Publicity and Promotion Committee:  Cathy Feyen

Jobie-to-Bee:  TBD

Prospect Party:  Sue Nickerson

Web site/ListServ:  Kim Regner

**Great resources for information