Auction- Julie Glushakow

Appeals and Grievances- Barbara Von Lienen

Certified Adult Volunteer (CAV)-Mark Fayer

Barn Dance- Chris Candler

Council Refresher- John Regner

Choral and Talent Competition - Emily Candler

Daughter Weekend- Tiffany Holley / Kim Regner

Credentials- Mary Lake

Educational Loans - Sue Nickerson

Devotional Day & Necrology - Tiffany Holley

Funnel Cake- Cathy Feyen / Happy Estes-Butler

Finance- Donna Fairley

Grand Librarian's Contester - Julie Glushakow

Ghost Tour of Annapolis- Patience Hein

Grand Session - Laura Bell

Grandparents Tea and Honor Bethel - Ashley Griffin and Margo Hampton

HIKE Overall- Roberta Ridenour

Handbook and Book of Ceremonies Revision - Theresa Regner

Ice Skating at the Naval Academy - Guy Feyen

Holiday Ball- Beth Griffin

Jobie-To-Bee - TBD

Jobie Low Vale- Cathy Feyen

Locations- Kim Regner

Jurisprudence- Tiffany Holley

Mystery Trip- Pam Savoie

Mayors Parade - Bob Candler

Planned Activities- Patience Hein

MMJD Pageant - Bunny Russell

Publicity & Promotion - Cathy Feyen

Proceedings- Happy Estes-Butler, Kim Hoglund, Mike Hoglund

Security - Guy Feyen

Ritual Competition- Mary Lou Walter

Social Media - Mike Porter

Scholarships- David Lake

Supreme Ritual Team - Mary Lou Walter

Spring Banquet- Holly Spangler

Tubing Event - Patience Hein

Supreme Visit- Julie Glushakow

Ways and Means- Pam Savoie

Uniform Code for Bethels - Dianne Regner

Wreath Laying at Arlington- Sue Nickerson

Website/Listserv- Kim Regner